Micah Neumark



Senior Software Developer, Rent.com — 2013 - Current

• Develops back end code in Perl to maintain and enhance the responsive Rent.com website, working in a Scrum environment and using an MVC framework.

• Optimizes and develops SQL queries that retrieve customer data to create a more personalized user experience.

• Designed and implemented a configuration-driven email templating system in order to more dynamically generate emails and conceived and created an email campaign management system, both of which expedite development and increase stability.

• Designed and implemented new password authentication system to better protect users personal information.

• Assists in project vetting and planning, and participates in peer code review.

Senior Software Developer, Client Development, Experian CheetahMail — 2009 - 2013

• Developed new custom processes and troubleshot pre-existing processes that organize customer data in Perl for many prominent clients, allowing them to implement high-volume email marketing programs.

• Developed new integrations with partner companies using PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, SOAP, and REST, enabling companies to take advantage of new features provided by our partner companies.

• Customized Remarketing data programs using Python and OOP, which facilitate email campaigns based on purchases, abandoned carts, and previously viewed products and acted as the Remarketing expert for Client Development nationally and was responsible for training West Coast Client Development.

• Determined the scope and methods for upcoming projects and participated in peer code reviews.

• Developed data organization tools in SQLite for employees to develop processes more efficiently to increase client satisfaction and reduce costs. Created Bash tools for employees to test code more efficiently.

Web Developer, Contract Work — 2009 - 2012

• Centinela Feed and Supply- Updated new web content into HTML, JavaScript and CSS helping to connect the company with their customer base.  Troubleshot the web site, helping to create a good web experience.

• CAST Recovery Organization- Developed and maintained the asset management system in PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL to allow a national outpatient organization to locate professionals and to track patient progress.

Software Engineer, Banker’s Toolbox — 2007 - 2009

• Maintained and updated deployment software for all products using VB, VBScript, and XMLUI saving corporate resources and helping to make the company more self-sufficient.

• Acted as lead programmer for Crest 1™, debugging and enhancing problematic loan software.

• Designed data import modules for Bam™ software and troubleshot using XML and Microsoft SQL so that customers could utilize their data in order to identify high risk accounts and potential criminal activity.

• Developed custom algorithms to help banks identify high-risk accounts by parsing financial data.


University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA — 2002 - 2007

• Received Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Baskin Engineering.

• Courses completed using UNIX in the areas of: Programming, Operating Systems, Comparative Programming Languages, Algorithm Design, AI, Game AI, Computational Models, Graphics, Compiler Design, Data Structures, Computer Engineering.  Also completed courses in Physics, Linguistics, and Mathematics.

Skills and awards

• Skill sets include: C, C++, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, UNIX, VB, OOP, and all OS’s. Expert knowledge of Perl.

• Excels as a self-starter either in a team or autonomously.  Works well in a fast-paced environment with demanding deadlines, including the SCRUM development framework.

  1. Is passionate and dedicated with a friendly and positive attitude.  Enjoys the roles of student and teacher.

• Received ITIL Foundation Level certification with a final exam score of 90 percent.

  1. Received numerous Spot Awards at CheetahMail and a Pinnacle Award for excellence. 


(818) 645-8250